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Who We Are

We create a customized social strategy specifically for your company and audience

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We work with every sized business

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What sets us apart


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Utilize Organic Reach.

Without paying for every sale or lead in Facebook marketing.


New Software Unleashes “Traffic Tsunami”




Reach Thousands On Facebook Without Ads Or Post Boosting


Instant Viral Reach


Marketing Automation in One Place


From Content Creation to Posting.






Useful Content




Organic Reach




100% Automation. Plan & Forget




Weeks of Content at Once




Any Computer or Smartphone




Keep the Content Coming!




Marketers on Viral Reach




Have trouble finding content for your Facebook pages? Try Viral Reach!




You can schedule weeks’ worth of viral posts in just a few minutes. This is a must-have for all marketers!


Burban, Igor




Because I own several online businesses, each with its own Facebook page, I and my team know how difficult it can be to keep these pages up to date. ViralReach does all the heavy lifting for us by finding all kinds of relevant content – pictures, videos, articles, GIFs – and automating the entire process. Just a few minutes to schedule weeks or months of content. Amazing!!


Sameer Joshi




A+ program This makes managing multiple fan pages simple (and frees up time you can use to generate sales), and the content used is from the top online sources. With 17 coffee cups and two thumbs up, this will drive tons of viral traffic to your site. Thanks Cyril.


Barb Ling




I didn’t want to waste my time on Fanpages, so Viral Reach saved the day. I just set it up to post five times a day to my Facebook page, and it works. Suddenly, traffic. FB Safe!








Instant Viral Reach




Our Pages grew faster thanks to viral reach.


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Increase your organic reach by becoming a do-nothing Facebook marketer




Enter a few keywords to find relevant content in seconds.




Find high-authority, non-spammy content to maximize organic reach.




Get text, images, gifs, videos, articles, and your own custom content.




One-click scheduling lets you schedule weeks’ worth of content in minutes.




Profit from trending posts and topics.




Automate content marketing for all your Facebook pages.




Automated alerts remind you to post new content.




Viral Reach Is Yours


Facebook Marketing Solution




Images to Post




Post Videos




Post Articles




Find and Post Original Content




Post out content for weeks or months




Monitor Engagement & Growth




Instant Viral Reach








Every month, Facebook becomes more powerful and influential. What can it not do to influence buyer decisions?




Thus, if your business is not strong on Facebook, it will suffer. The most influential social media network.




Facebook can generate sales in two ways:






Paid Traffic


Pay per click and worry about sales.




Organic Traffic


Get free leads by creating engaging content.




Organic Reach


Powerful Plan




I have a simple question.




What do people read on Facebook?




No one visits Facebook to see ads.




They want interesting content. Latest articles, images, videos, and more. Something to enjoy the passing of time.




No matter what people tell you, organic marketing will always be the most powerful marketing system on Facebook.




Organic Marketing’s Triple-Power


It Works




Content Ideas




Consistently Post With Regular Intervals




Keep the Content Coming!




Facebook relies on YOUR content. Content people want to see again and again. They don’t want low-quality or spammy content.




That makes organic reach with unproven content more difficult than ever.




Facebook’s algorithm will FAVORITE fan pages that consistently post quality content..




What Is Facebook Marketing?






Generating new content day after day can become tedious and exhausting, making it impossible to run multiple fan pages, limiting your potential.




You’ll run into one of these issues without a way out.






Inconsistent posting. Either way.




Not being able to post on all of your fan pages regularly.




Running out of time to marketing.




Don’t be a Facebook slave! So make Facebook work for you by giving it more intelligently.




Scheduling + Content Research


With Viral Reach Or Free Facebook Work!




To be successful on Facebook, you must make 2-3 posts per fan page, with a variety of content types. Embedded images, text, and




750-850 posts a year.




If you spend 4 minutes per post, you’ll spend over 4-5 days just scheduling posts.




If you had 15 fan pages, finding and scheduling posts would take over two months of the year.




Do you have that much time?




Couldn’t you do it wrong?




Boost Your Viral Reach Now


Easy as pie!




Then enter your niche keyword, click find, and click once to schedule your content.




Instant Traffic Avalanche


Viral Reach Demo




See how simple Facebook marketing can be.


Instant Viral Reach


Are You Ready For This Traffic?




It doesn’t matter!


More Targeted Traffic With Viral Reach






Post your offers alongside organic web content to turn your passive fan pages into revenue generators!






Facebook Ads


You’re already spending money to reach new fans. So why not boost your sales with organic reach?






Are you constantly updating your fan page? Get some web content to ease your load.




Offline Firms


Reach local customers on autopilot with a fan pageā€”no costly upkeep required.



Instant Viral Reach


Using Viral Reach is Simple

In just seconds, Viral Reach can boost your marketing!


  1. Post photographs, text, videos, and original content.
  2. Find the hottest content in any market or niche.
  3. Post content worth weeks in minutes.
  4. Reporting and engagement analysis
  5. Work with several fan pages in one spot.


Instant Viral Reach

Not a Paid Traffic Slave

Increased success with less effort and expense with organic reach.


Don’t spend hours and days collecting and uploading content to your Facebook pages.


Don’t obsess over tracking every Facebook ad dollar.


Don’t underutilize expensive Facebook fan pages you bought with marketing money.


Don’t be contented with low reach because you lack content variety.


Don’t let your pages languish because you can’t post content.


Spending money on pricey virtual assistants and social marketers to get content for your fan page is unnecessary.


Don’t postpone vacations, night outs, and dates to work on your page.


Reach Control of Your Facebook Pages Now and Get Unlimited Traffic and Organic Content!


Maximize your Facebook fan page’s reach and influence.

Do you use adverts on your pages? Show your new fans organic content all the time.


Create a powerful fan page by publishing a variety of content.


Grow several fan pages without cloning yourself.


Organic marketing drives more traffic to your deals and websites from your fan page.


Get a wide variety of content for your fan page and appeal to all content consumers.


Boost your Facebook ad’s ROI with organic reach.



Profit from Facebook.


If your Facebook approach is still lacking, you’re losing revenue to others. Return it!

Facebook relies on publishers to provide organic content to its hungry throngs. The more you work with the system, the more you sell.


Consistency is the cornerstone of your Facebook approach.


With Viral Reach powering your Facebook pages, creating the correct plan is a breeze.


We promise to keep your fans interested, every day, with your content.” (Be Bold…)


Embrace growth.


Facebook Sales Booster

Viral Reach

Here’s Another Quick Look At Viral Reach


There is no end to content.


Post text, photos, videos, and custom content.


Viral Reach supports RSS feeds.


Find new article content from article websites, Google News, and more.

Engage with your audience by analyzing the content you’re delivering.


Powerful image editor to edit images.


Follow YouTube channels and post their new content on Facebook.


Post any form of custom content.


Projects run on autopilot and alert you when they run out of content.


Automate Your Facebook Marketing For Cheap


Monthly Viral Reach


Monthly Viral Reach

Yearly Viral Reach


A Yearly Viral Reach Elite * Want more fan pages & features

Inside Elite upgrade possibilities.

On The Edge?

Your Money Is SAFE!

Money-Back Guarantee


Making a decision is difficult, especially with a new technology. We want you to have the first mover’s advantage, so we’re willing to take the risk.


Our promise!


Use Viral Reach risk-free for 30 days. In that case, just let us know within 30 days via a support ticket at https://teknikforce.com/support, and we’ll return your money in full!


F.A.Q. (FAQs)

Do you have a Mac?


  1. It’s web-based. Runs on PC, Mac, and tablet web browsers. Even your phone.


  1. Is Facebook secure?


100% We use Facebook-approved APIs and our app is approved by Facebook. As a result, your account is safe.


  1. Is my money safe?


  1. Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, just ask for a refund within 30 days after purchase.


I need more pages. Add them?


It’s on this page. Once purchased, you will have access to other editions that allow you to add more fan pages.


  1. Will you update and maintain this software?


  1. Yes, we regularly update and maintain our software. It will grow in features and capabilities over time. We will update and expand it.




Get Viral Reach!